‏Yoni Shaked

‏Co-founding Partner, 1953-2013
Yoni Shaked and Amnon Eichelberg founded ADALYA in 2002.
As co-founder, Yoni was responsible for significant changes in Israel's transportation sector, most notably the introduction of private operators which opened the public transportation market to competition.

He was known for having an "outside the box" economic approach, for leading processes of change and for impressive inter-personal skills that were instrumental in creating partnerships for complex processes.

In addition to his business activity, Yoni expended great efforts to develop community projects to advance disadvantaged groups in Israeli society. 
Yoni loved Israel and used to crisscross the country, hiking, cycling, kayaking, on 4x4 trips, and in marathons and swims. 

ADALYA carries on Yoni's legacy, creating impact with value for the Israeli public. It fosters a deepening of the connection between its employees and the land of Israel and their involvement in community projects.

In 2014 Adalya dedicated a lookout point overlooking the Negev desert, near Ben Gurion's Kibbutz, Sde Boker, in honor of Yoni, which is open to the public. 
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