Improving the Commuting System

The company operates shuttle services for its employees which includes different bus routes and vehicle types. Facing an upcoming renewal of the bus fleet, the company's management decided to thoroughly examine the shuttle service system with the goal of shortening the drive time and in an effort to save costs by reducing the total number of buses used.

ADALYA was approached by the client thanks to its experience with similar projects.

The main challenge of the project was the need to maintain the service levels, measured in walking distances to the stops, waiting periods for the shuttles, taking the shortest route possible and having seats available for all passengers while making the service more efficient.
The work method used the TransCad Geographic Information System (GIS) transportation planning system and the unique Eitam software for planning the needed bus fleet for operating the system.
The work process included the following stages:
  • Entering the addresses of all employees into the GIS; 
  • Mapping the existing shuttle system;
  • Planning a new route layout, incorporating service standards received from the client; 
  • Approving proposed new routes by the client;
  • Calculating the fleet needed for the new routes. 
Our work yielded a new route system which maintains the strict service levels defined by the client while saving 15% on the service fleet.

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