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ADALYA has been specializing in practical and value-driven consulting since 2002.

The ADALYA team brings together all types of professional expertise so as to effect, drive and manage significant change for its clients and spearhead projects of great public importance to the Israeli economy


ADALYA is currently expanding the boundaries of its influence and is promoting significant projects with a positive impact in three sectors: the private, public and "fourth" sectors.

ADALYA operates with the goal of creating positive value for all its stakeholders, and assists its clients in creating significant and valuable impact through their business.

Company Vision

ADALYA will strive to be a consulting and management firm specializing in the management of change and in practical and value-driven consulting.

ADALYA will assist its clients in creating a positive impact with an added value.

ADALYA will foster a sense of duty among its employees and create a feeling of pride and collectiveness towards the company.

ADALYA will encourage its employees to excel and to create a personal, value-driven impact.
עדליא ייעוץ כלכלי חזון
Amnon Eichelberg holds an MBA from Bar Ilan University and a BA in economics and business administration from Tel Aviv University.
He is an expert in planning, managing and implementing change on a national scale, coordinating complex tender processes and in the management of entrepreneurial initiatives and business plans.
Amnon has managed consulting projects to implement reforms in state-run transportation, employment and water supply systems and public broadcasting.
Prior to founding ADALYA, Amnon held several senior management positions including being an 'Egged Tours' co-founder and serving as its CFO.
אמנון אייכלברג מנכל עדליא ייעוץ כלכלי

Amnon Eichelberg

Co-founder & CEO
נמרוד פרנסיס עדליא ייעוץ כלכלי
‏Nimrod Francis, Head of ADALYA Economic Department and Director of Public Transportation Administration
Nimrod holds an MBA from Manchester University and a BA in economics from Tel Aviv University. ‏He is an expert in transportation economics with over 15 years’ experience in the implementation of projects in a variety of fields and working with government agencies. He has taken part in the drafting of various tenders involving complex economic models and in the management of accounting and economic consulting projects. ‏Before joining ADALYA he held various positions in the private sector including Head of the Accounting and Economics department at a communications company and economist at the economics department of Israeli Discount Bank.
Staff Members
עודד סטקלוב עדליא ייעוץ כלכלי
‏Oded Steklov, Head of Research & Local Government department
‏Oded holds an MA in public policy and a BA in economics and political science from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. He is currently pursuing a PhD in public policy at Hebrew University. Oded is an expert in public economy and regulation consulting as well as on research projects in a variety of fields such as local government, consumer protection and regional development. Before joining ADALYA he held various positions in the public sector, among them assistant to the Director General of the Ministry of Interior and assistant to the Director of the Government-Owned Companies Authority. He has also served as a director on the boards of several state-owned companies and as a lecturer at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.
Staff Members
אלינה רוסין עדליא ייעוץ כלכלי
‏Alina Rossin, Head of Economy, Strategy and Tenders department
‏Alina holds an MBA from Manchester University and a BA in economics and management from the Academic College of Tel Aviv Yafo. ‏Over 15 years, she has amassed a wealth of experience and expertise managing complex projects on an ongoing basis with various government ministries, providing counsel and support for projects in a variety of fields including strategic plans and tenders. In recent years, she has been specializing in employment and support projects for small and medium enterprises (SMEs).
Staff Members
ערן הורן עדליא ייעוץ כלכלי
‏Eran Horn, Director of Business Development
‏‏Eran holds an MBA and a BA in economics and international relations from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. He has extensive practical experience in the implementing structural reforms, reforming regulations, managing procurement processes and large scale tenders and budgeting and fund-raising. Eran has also monitored projects in such fields as infrastructure, health economics and media, and managed complex negotiations in several of his past positions. ‏Prior to his work with ADALYA, Eran held several senior management positions in the Israeli public sector, among them CFO of Israel's Broadcasting Authority, Accountant and Head of the Financial Department at the Ministry of Health and at the Ministry of Transportation.
Staff Members

‏Yoni Shaked

‏ Co-founding Partner 1953-2013‏
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