Effective Management of the Water System

The city of Kfar Saba's water corporation operates a system that reads water meters remotely. This system’s ability to make real-time notifications of leaks, sabotage and attempts to steal water allows for better management of the water supply network and enables the corporation and city residents to enjoy substantial savings as a result.
Our work with the water corporation began at the earliest stages of implementation, when we defined the specific steps needed for improved performance. We then proceeded in two stages. At first, we installed a pilot program focused on identifying how the new system could optimally meet the requirements of the water corporation and the city’s residents. This was followed by a thorough examination of the suppliers’ long-term ability to meet these needs. 
In the later implementation phase, our work involved overseeing the process of embedding the new system into the water corporation's existing working procedures in order to maximize its benefits, as well as supervising the installation and functioning of the system. 

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