Improving Public Access to Mass Transportation Information

‏Making information about public transportation more easily available to the public
In 2012, the laws specifying what public transport information should be made publicly available were updated. Bylaws and regulations regarding information to be made accessible to people with disabilities (the hearing and seeing impaired, the physically disabled, etc.) also came into effect. Information for the public is now available through a variety of channels, including a national information call center, electronic signs at bus stops with real-time information about estimated bus arrival times, similar information provided to smartphone apps, etc. 
As part of the project, ADALYA assisted the Ministry of Transport in forming the information delivery policy in the various mediums and followed up on its implementation. We also assisted the Ministry in coping with the technological and bureaucratic challenges facing it before it could eventually post over 1000 electronic signs at bus stops throughout Israel. 

Printed information has been placed at bus stops, a national information center has been set up and several apps are already in use, utilizing data received from the Ministry of Transport.

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